About us

Nino Options is a Dutch Market Maker company quoting options and futures on mainly Dutch, Belgian, French, Italian, German and Swiss equities and indexes. Nino Options is a member of the Amsterdam, Brussel and Paris Euronext-Liffe exchange, SIX Swiss, CBOE CHI-X, Eurex and Xetra.

Nino Options is a propriety firm trading on its own risk with its own capital. We have no clients. We trade positions against the screen and against the wholesale broker market on our own risk.


We are hiring!

Nino Options is looking for senior derivatives Market Makers. We want to add some classes on several exchanges. A trader should be profiled well experienced, with low risk and a high performance. Traders at Nino Options work in an employee relation with an individual position. Payment will be in a monthly salary, in combination with a good individual- and group bonus Interested? Please contact me!

My name is Alfred kemp.
You can call me: +31 6 2409 5628
Send me an e-mail: alfredkemp@nino-options.nl

Or contact now!